Christenings, Baptism, Naming Ceremony Photography

It's an amazing time when a baby is born and your families have a whole new member joining you. A tiny new human that didn't exist before is now causing havoc and warming hearts in equal measure. The christening or baptism ceremony is a key time, as we all come together to give your little one a proper welcome. Hopefully with quiche.

This is the perfect time to get some lovely family photos. And if you just got married and had wedding photos, well some of the group weren't here then! Being a wedding photographer too, I have loads of experience taking photos in dark churches and being nice to vicars. Christening services are always more informal than weddings anyway. They have to be really when some of us are just as interested in Sophie the giraffe as we are in the actual proceedings.

Naming Ceremonies

A naming ceremony is a wonderful and modern way to celebrate, even if you don't prefer a religious ceremony. And I've seen some of the most thoughtful personal touches as each one is custom made for you and your family. You can dedicate a tree, blow bubbles or make a handprint. Plus quiche.

Pricing for christening photography

Pricing for christenings, baptisms or naming ceremony photography is the same as our family portraits. It's £40 for the shoot, including £40 credit to spend in your gallery afterwards. The whole set of photos on disk is £240 (£200 more after your initial £40). Full price list here.

Please do get in touch to talk about what we can do for your special occasion!

"Oh Richard the photos are fantastic! Thank you so much! You are so talented, the photos are even better than we were hoping, and Jon's parents are going to be absolutely thrilled when we give them a family shot."
Jon & Helen