Frequently Asked Questions

Booking your shoot

When are you available for bookings?
Basically any time, although many weekends in Summer are busy with weddings. There are always a few free Saturdays though and with just a month’s notice I’ll know when they are.

What can a portrait session be used for?
Oh anything. Most people choose a photo-shoot for some great family pictures, but you might want to mark a birthday, a special celebration or a key point in your life. A photoshoot is also a really sweet thing for a couple to do together.

Do you sell gift vouchers?
Yes! Take a look at the portraits price list, and you can purchase any amount of credit you wish to be used for a photoshoot and/or products afterwards. I’ll send you a letter/voucher which is valid for a year after purchase.

How do we book?
Just give me a call and we’ll set a date!

The photoshoot

What should we wear and bring?
The style is completely up to you, but it’s a good idea to have a couple of different outfit choices with you. Maybe one smart and one casual. It can be fun to dress everyone up in a roughly similar style to make you look like you belong together! Bring any accessories/toys/props you like, bikes, hats, space-hoppers, etc.

Where does the shoot happen?
We can have your shoot in the big white studio, or on location, either at home, in your garden, or out and about. Why not get creative and pick a place you love, like a park or family activity.

How many photos do you take?
Quite a lot! I can easily take a few hundred in an hour, but I’ll edit your shoot down to a selection of something like 50 great pictures retouched and ready to print.

After your photoshoot

How long till we see the pictures?
I usually have all your pictures ready for you within a week, but if you need them particularly fast, even on the same day for a special event like a party, I’m happy to arrange that. I can either bring them round and show you on the laptop, and have a chat about what prints you might want, or I can put them in an online gallery with a password.

What else do we have to buy?
You don’t have to buy anything, but I’m sure you’ll want to because you’ll love the pictures. All the prices are online. I want you to know what they are before our shoot – no surprises! Most customers want to have the disc – that way you’ve got ALL the photos and can make your own prints and extras as you want.

What’s the deal with copyright?
If you buy the disc from your shoot you have the copyright permission to make your own prints and copies and use the images online, etc. The only thing I don’t want you to do is claim another photographer shot them or use them to sell the services of another photographer. Please note: If you haven’t bought the disc, you don’t have the right to copy the prints. Not all photographers offer the files, but I do because it’s what people want. This is the only way you’re allowed to make your own prints. Thank you for not pinching them!

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