Balls, Proms, Party Photography

When you organise an event you want to set the right tone. You want everything to go smoothly and for all the guests to enjoy themselves. We can help you with that! Really good professional event photography makes it feel like a special day or night out. The mobile studio and professional lighting lets me take gorgeous photos your guests will love. I put people at ease and help with posing. It’s like a mini portrait session for everyone. We print colourful, glossy prints in seconds on demand for guests to take away, or they can order online later.

Mobile studio or roaming coverage

Our portable white background offers full-length high-key modern photos for couples or up to about four adults, or the black backdrop is great for classy evening occasions and black tie. We set up professional, flattering lighting to make you look fabulous. And we can also move around the venue photographing people as they enjoy themselves, or use a feature like a fireplace if there’s no room for a background.

The mobile studio acts as an icebreaker at an event giving guests something to do as they arrive perfectly dressed. They can get a drink or chat with friends as they meet and laugh about pulling silly faces or checking out each other’s pictures on screen. It’s good to position the studio near to the entrance so we can meet everyone as they come in. But away from the main dance floor so people can come over during the evening but we don’t get in the way.

Smooth, smooth, smooth

My goal is that once we’ve made all our arrangements, had a chat about your event and if necessary had a quick look at the venue, I won’t need a single thing from you or your team come the big day. We’ll arrive, set up the mobile event studio, do our thing, pack down and go without any fuss or help. All you have to concentrate on is your outfit and arriving to soak up the glory of a wonderful evening. Don’t forget to come and have your photos for free as a thank you for having us!

Pricing for event photography

We can do this in a number of ways. For most events we attend at no charge, and simply sell prints on the night and in your online gallery. These are large 9x6 inch prints in a black presentation folder for £10 each or any 3 for £25. For smaller events we charge £120 to set up and attend.

If you want to pre-pay for prints at a discount to include them in the ticket price or so younger guests don’t have to carry cash, they're £9 each for 1-50, £8 from 51-100, £7.50 from 101-200, or £7 each for 201 plus. There’s no attendance fee whatever the event size if you’re pre-ordering 50+ prints. Custom folders with your logo or text in gold or silver foil are also possible for £60 one-off.

For small family parties with fewer guests we simply call it a family photo shoot - prices here.

If you’re organising an event for your company, perhaps including prize giving, dinner and studio photos and you’d rather pay for everything so your guests don’t have to put their hand in their pocket, see our commercial events page here.

Please get in touch and let me know what you’re planning. I’d be happy to talk details and let you know how we can help!