Mobile Event Studio

For full-length high key photographs, the portable white background used in the mobile event studio lets me set up in minutes and offer modern, bright images. Full length images are important so we can see the shoes!

Alternatively, I can bring traditional blue/cloudy and classic black backgrounds. These can also fit in a much smaller space or expand for larger groups if need be. Or I can use a key area of the venue if appropriate, like a fireplace or christmas tree.

Using the state of the art digital printing equipment is like having a mini photo lab on site. I can print colourful, glossy beautiful prints in seconds on demand. Guests can browse through the pictures we’ve taken throughout the night. It’s always free to take as many as they want, and then they simply buy their favourites or take a card and look at them later online.

A focal point

The mobile event studio also acts as a bit of an icebreaker at an event and gives guests something fun to do as they arrive perfectly dressed. They can grab a drink or chat with friends as they meet and laugh about pulling silly faces or checking out each other’s pictures. It’s good to position the studio near to the entrance so we can meet people as they come in. But away from the main dance floor or dinner area, so people can pop over during the evening but we don’t get in the way.

white background in the mobile event studio

full-length photos in the white mobile event studio

Smooth smooth smooth

My goal is that once we’ve made all our arrangements, had a chat about your event and if necessary had a quick look at the venue, I won’t need a single thing from you or your team come the big day. We’ll arrive, set up the mobile event studio, do our thing, pack down and go without any fuss or help. All you have to concentrate on is your outfit and arriving to soak up the glory of a wonderful evening. Don’t forget to come and have your photos for free as a thank you for having us!

Flattering lighting!

The MAIN reason why photos taken on little cameras at parties often suck is lighting. I bring high-spec professional studio lighting which is soft and flattering to make you look fabulous. If you want to look great in your photos please don’t rely on a mobile phone camera and a fluorescent strip light ;-)

professional, soft lighting

professional, soft lighting