Birmingham children’s hospital charity event photography

Last week I was proud to photograph a charity event raising money for the Birmingham children’s hospital neurology department. The staff there, many of whom where at the event, work with children who have all kinds of difficulties. We were shown a moving short film about kids who suffered terribly and dangerously with epilepsy, but who thanks to the help of the department, are now able to live normal, happy lives.

I photographed guests on arrival, and in a separate studio area throughout the night, as well as popping into the main room to photograph the important bits of the evening. Having photos like these of your awards or speakers is really helpful when you’ve organised an event, for publicity afterwards and as a record of what you’ve achieved.

Some amazing bids were placed on exciting auction items, and very cool raffle prizes were awarded. I was also pleased to be able to give a cut of the profits from the photography to the charity.

If you’re planning a special charity event and would like to add professional photography to your evening, give me a call!