Professional product photography

Whether you’re selling products online, developing a prototype or printing a brochure, great photography of your business’s products is essential. It helps break the touch barrier in online sales, and creates interest in potential buyers. If you’re launching a new product on a crowdfunding platform like kickstarter you need people to get the idea quickly and see what you’re making.

What can we photograph?

I’ve photographed all kinds of products from jewellery and clothing to kitchenware, tricky glass reflective surfaces and highly technical mechanical components for use in catalogues. It’s important to understand what you want to achieve with your images. That might be very clear identification of a number of variants on your design, or it might be lifestyle images to build desire for your product. I can work with you to create images that will be a great investment. Depending on the items I can photograph them in situ, or on a studio background at your location.

Pricing for product photography

Product photography like many of our commercial shoots is priced by the hour. £120 for the first hour and £80 thereafter. Do let me know what you have in mind if you’d like a fixed price. If your project is still under wraps that’s totally fine - I mostly just want to know is it large or small, reflective, heavy, are there many different versions, that kind of thing.

Do get in touch to book your shoot or talk more details.