PR Photography

When your business or organisation has a big day you’ll want to share it with everyone. So don’t just pull out a phone or hope someone brought a camera! Professional PR photos let the world see what you’re up to and get interested in you.

We’ve photographed product launches, openings, celebrity visits, ribbon cuttings, awards ceremonies, trade shows, charity donations and many more. You’ll want someone professional to arrive and be sure to get the shot. You can tell me what you want if you know, or tell me what you’re hoping to get out of the event and let me use my experience to produce excellent photos for you.

Great photography is valuable

In these days of sharing everything online, professional photos can really stand out and present you in the best possible light. And apart from the initial use you can also keep them on file for the future. You’d be surprised how often an annual report, presentation or promotional opportunity comes up where it’s extremely useful to have photos of your past events ready to go.

PR Photography costs

Pricing for most PR shoots is based on an hourly rate. £120 for the first hour, and £80 for each extra. This includes all your files edited and ready to use online or print.

For our customers needing regular, shorter shoots in the local area I'm happy to negotiate a specific rate. Please get in touch to let me know what you're planning and how I can help.