Who needs headshots?

Anyone with an online profile will benefit from having great photos to represent themselves. I take headshots for authors, business people, bloggers, teachers, consultants, musicians, job seekers and online daters, as well as the more traditional actors and models. It’s a kind of photography I very much enjoy because we're working directly to produce photos of just you which you will love.

Benefits of great headshots

A huge amount of our interactions today are not face to face. Every time you send a message on social media or email, someone sees a little picture of you. When the phone rings the caller’s face appears on screen. If you write a blog, an article or a book, your photo is on there.

A great headshot lets you present yourself in the best possible light. It’s a shortcut to tell people who you are and how you want the world to see and treat you. My personal favourite is Confident But Approachable. A great headshot is an asset that’s well worth investing in.

Headshots are good for business

It’s so helpful to put a face to a name and good headshots can put you ahead in a busy market. You don’t have to put your photo on your website or blog, but you should. It’s a personal touch that literally takes you out of the faceless crowd and promises a personal service. People you meet for the first time will feel like they already know you a little. People you’ve met once will remember who you are. That’s very good for business.

Do your team and your company a favour and have a headshot shoot for all your staff. It only takes a few minutes each once we’re set up and it may cost less than you think. I have a number of commercial clients who have me in every few months to get photos for all the new starters.

Styles of headshots

We can do a few different styles and I can gladly give you a selection in one shoot. The most popular is a plain white background which looks great in print and online. Black is good for a bit of drama. I’m also a big fan of medium grey. It sounds boring but that’s exactly the point. It draws attention to the person and looks great especially when there’s lots of colour.

Our shoot doesn’t have to be just headshots. Full length portraits and photos outdoors or in an environment that means something to you are also really useful. Have a look at some examples above or let me know your ideas and we’ll talk about how to achieve it.

Mobile headshots studio

Headshots studio

The portable studio is easy to move around and set up. I’ve taken it on the underground to offices in London and all over the country. It takes about 15 minutes to be ready to shoot. I can set it up in most living rooms, offices or meeting rooms, but if there’s no space at all we can use a plain wall or just take headshots outdoors.


A headshot shoot for one person is £160. This includes all the edited files on disk for you to use online or print. For businesses requiring a larger number of people we can quote based on your requirements.

“I’ve used Richard a couple of times for corporate headshots and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him. His photos are very high quality, his approach is exceptionally efficient and his pricing is very competitive. I’m delighted with the results he has achieved for us.” - Sue, Powell Williams