Photography for events & conferences

If you're organising a big event for your business or organisation you'll definitely want a professional photographer to capture great photos for you. Bright stages, dim table lights, spotlights and LED displays aren't the easiest things to photograph and you'll want to make sure your successful event is captured to show off. Great photos serve as a reminder for those who were there, but also take your event beyond its ending to show the world in a news story, or show to all the colleagues across your company that couldn't be there.

Awards, dinners, openings, celebrations

We've photographed all kinds of events from a simple lunchtime presentation to a multi day and night conference with keynote speakers, entertainers, celebrity guests, daytime activities and plenary sessions. Awards ceremonies are particularly important when you want a photo of each recipient with their certificate or trophy shaking hands with the boss on stage. It's fast, important, and every single award is essential. Don't leave it to someone near the front with a phone to capture!

Event & Conference Costs

Costs are as most of our commercial shoots at £120 for the first hour and £80 thereafter. This includes all your photos edited and ready to print or use online.

If your event lasts longer than a day or you'd like a specific quote for travel outside the Birmingham area do let me know.

If you're interested in just having us take photos for your guests and sell prints with no up front fee, take a look at ball/party photography here.