Commercial Photography

Excellent commercial photography is essential to any business. You want to show off your products, staff or the experience you offer. Professional commercial photography extends the reach of all your activities in both distance and time, and shows you in the most positive light. Clear, interesting images are important both internally and externally. They sell your business ethos to customers and your own personnel alike. I cover corporate events, advertising, PR photography, business portraits, annual reports and product/catalogue images. Professional commercial photography is far more likely to be picked up by media outlets and succeed on social media. It is one of the things that will distinguish your business as being truly professional.

Corporate events, balls, awards, dinners

When you invest time and money in organising an event for your business, you’re wasting an important opportunity if you don’t capture high quality images. Professional commercial photography is reasonable compared to the other costs of a typical event. But it provides a view into your activities from the outside, and a report back to all those who couldn’t attend. These events include awards ceremonies, corporate dinners, staff reward days and open days. Also seasonal events like christmas dinners, balls, parties, opening ceremonies and product launches. Anything your business is proud of – you should be showing off. Here’s more information about event photography including mobile studio facilities and on-site printing.

PR photography

From time to time your business will have a big day. This may be the launch of a new product, a celebrity visit or endorsement, or a presence at an exhibition or trade show. You may have won an award, made the headlines or raised money for charity. When this happens, don’t pull out a camera phone or hope someone brought a camera with them. Professional photographs can be included in press releases and on the company website. They can be kept on file for future use. Annual reports and future business presentations are a perfect example. I work with a number of local businesses who use me on a frequent basis. They benefit from a low starting price for a short mid-week callout.

Business portraits

Your staff are the heart of your business. There are a thousand places where professional looking portraits are important. These aren’t just for the “who’s who” board, but online and intranet avatars, business cards, speaking engagements and training materials to name a few. And most people aren’t entirely comfortable having their photo taken, so don’t just stand them in front of a white door and do your best with a digital camera. Why not do them the favour of having a professional who is skilled at making people relax and look their best. Staff portraits are one of the areas where local businesses often call me out on a regular basis and get a favourable rate for a short, regular job.


Professional product photography is essential for selling your products through all channels, but none more so than on the internet. Carefully lit, well arranged images that show your product clearly help break down the touch barrier and give the customer confidence about what they buy. Your product may be seen alongside many others. Your professional product photographs will stand out and draw the viewer’s attention.

Pricing for commercial photography

Commercial photography is generally priced at £120 for an hour, and £80 for any further hours. This includes the editing required to produce clear high quality images ready for use in print and online. Your images will be provided on DVD-ROM, USB or by download as required. Any additional post-processing required such as compositing can be charged as extra. This will be anticipated when we talk about your requirements.

If you have a project in mind or would like to talk about more details please get in touch here or call Richard on 0121 745 5306.